Maglia Rosa Group; hailing from East Anglia- Norwich to be precise- this sophisticated quartet, headed by Daisy Lawrence’s captivatingly pitched vocals create enchanting sounds, wrapping the listener in a Kate Bush/ PJ Harvey-esque whirlwind of darkness and mysticism.

The group- Daisy, Sam, Matt and Owen- are a mix of friends and relatives (Sam and Daisy are brother and sister) and together they create their own, personal tantalising echoes. Their influences include a diverse variety; Beach Boys, Tomás Luis de Victoria, PJ Harvey, Joan Armatrading and Talk Talk.

‘Solace’, released yesterday heralds everything they stand for. The dark piano and guitar intro create a steady pace, introducing the listener to Daisy’s tantalising vocals. The strength of the instrumental support from the boys, create a track captured in a whirl of mysticism. Halfway through the piano independently breaks through, creating a strong finale to support the vocals and allowing the song to end on pianistic note.

‘Penelope’, released 12th March 2012 exemplifies every sense of mysticism they stand for. The title radiates elements of mythology and these same facets are reflected in the lyrics; the story of the reign and romance of Odysseus and his loyal and devoted wife Penelope. Finally Daisy’s vocals, act as a third reflection upon this mythical nature. Her chapel-choir style opening, quickly enwrapping the listener, but the guitar and percussion are not long forgotten and steadily break in, reminding us of their soulful indie sounds.

This band have a lot in front of them, lets hope it’s not too long before things develop.

For more information see their Facebook profile.

To discover further tracks see their Soundcloud  or YouTube.

Words: Lara Thomas

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