During the full moon week of August 2012, thousands of wondrous creatures will gather from afar to the unspoilt soils of Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. After 15 years of a growing phenomenon, Boom has established itself as a haven for self-expression, innovation, psychedelic culture, environmentalism, knowledge and love.

This year’s alchemy theme welcomes a collaboration of unique and incomparable artists, allowing each individual Boomer to explore the boundaries of their human psyche and feed their senses with absolute awe. Become immersed within dramatic theatre, the poetry of dance, and the echoes of laughter from circus and performing acts. Get your creative juices flowing and prepare yourself for hidden surprises.

Boom is comprised of a number of different areas and stages, each with an enticing plethora of delights for every mood and desire. Begin your day melting into the vibes and sonic sensations of the Alchemic Circle, soak in the fusion of innovative architecture, decorations of explosive colours, and mind-blowing performers. Take a stroll into the Dance Temple, an alluring womb of psychedelic trance, tribal bands, DJ’s and live acts. As the heartbeat of Boom, the temple aims at awakening the multi-sensory dimensions of visualisation within the spirit.

When it’s time to wind down, slip into a state of absolute reverie around the Sacred Fire and Healing Areas. Through workshops, meditations, sound exploration and experimental therapies you can begin to explore the core energies of universal peace and self-contentment. Wander deeper to discover the Ambient Source, providing a space for complete stillness and comfort, a golden journey through pioneering soundscapes, scenography and creative gardens. Sink into the wonders of dub and ethnic ambience; music stripped down to its core. Indulge yourself in a transformational conscious shift in the understanding of ourselves and the world at the Liminal Village. Become inspired by this year’s focus, ‘Here and Now’, with motivational speakers and activists, interactive talks, documentary films and a vast programme of workshops.

Boom is not just a festival. It is a spirit, a culture, a family, a celebration of individuality dedicated to being the change you want to see in the modern world. With deepest respects to the Boom Environmental Program, each Boomer is enriched with the knowledge of eco-development and sustainability. Contributions to the preserving of natural beauty include the recycling of 100% of Booms wastewater, composting toilets, energy-conservation projects, bio-construction and extravagant gardens.

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience…Come and join the gathering of the tribe!

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Words: Lauren Buon

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