The Director of Brothers, In America, In The Name of the Father and My Left Foot, tackles unusually light-hearted subject matter in nonsense horror flick, Dream House.

Teaming up with sporadic writer, David Loucka (The Dream Team), Sheridan’s take on horror sees a family uncovering the dark secret of their new home.

When retired editor, Will (Daniel Craig) quits his job to go freelance and spend more time with his family, working at home proves rather distracting. His young daughter sees a man peering through her window and Will finds footprints in the snow outside. Trying not to worry his artist wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz), Will ignores the footprints but has to come clean when he discovers a group of teens in their basement one night who reveal a family massacre took place in the house.

Unable to get any answers from the local police who seem more intent on “avoiding a scene” or his cagey neighbour, Annie (Naomi Watts), Will conducts his own investigation, easily gaining entry to the half-way house where the lone surviver of the murder spree resides. From here, a ridiculously implausible double twist derails Dream House as Will matter-of-factly talks about seeing the dead and oh so logically announces he’ll “hire a priest and Feng Shui the place.”

Before anything bad even happens, Libby is inexplicably moaning “there’s something wrong with this house”. The ending is as contrived as this line and also comes from nowhere. Dream House‘s real mystery lies in how Sheridan ended up making such tripe after a series of award-winning films and was able to secure such a well-respected cast.

Rating: 2/5

Review by Leo Owen


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