Quest for the Backflip

Film-makers Callum Whiteley & Robin Kother have produced four episodes entitled ‘Quest for the Backflip’ for the Extreme Sports Channel. Born out of bored office talk with fellow colleague Paul Gorton the idea was to get Paul back on a BMX after nearly a decades absence.

‘Paul Gorton was once an avid rider who, due to work and education commitments, had to put down his bike.

7 years later, Paul is a media sales agent who hasn’t touched a BMX since. Before giving up on his riding career Paul had a list of tricks he was slowly ticking off as he completed them. The Backflip was next on the list when his wheels stopped turning, and he has lived with this one regret ever since.

Over the Summer of 2011 Paul will be stepping foot on a BMX for the first time in 7 years and attempting to cross that final trick off his list. From getting to grips with riding, re-learning his old favourite tricks to finding his feet again and settling into the riding scene, this is going to be an unusual adventure for someone revisiting a fond past-time that now lies long forgotten.

A personal journey, hopefully of triumph over regret, we will be capturing everything from the day Paul buys his new bike, to the final day of flip or fail.’

For more information, videos and images:

The programme next airs on Saturday 28th July 2012 @ 17:00 on Extreme.

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