The B-Movie Is Back!!!

Not that B-Movies have ever really gone away, in fact, you could say that they are that they’ve reached their zenith, with Director’s like Tarantino and Rodriguez paying homage to the genre. If they had however, this no-budget piece of Indi-celluloid, the brainchild of the unspeakably twisted Andrew Elliot, would have a good crack at bringing them back. Made for £500, just for fun over the course of four years, entirely in Cumbria, “The Maniac Project” was originally a twenty minute short but after gaining a worldwide, grassroots following online and a few prizes in independent awards, now weighs in at a feature-length-ish 74 minutes and has, as of September 21st, an international distribution release via NWD.

With the tagline “A Dirty, Ugly, Sexy Movie About Dirty, Ugly, Sexy Maniacs!”, I don’t think we need to go into a plot synopsis here, all we need to say is that this film is Fun… thats right; with a capital F. I highly urge you to go and see this if you are a fan of Grindhouse cinema (or of violence and comedy in any way), whether at the Cumbrian premiere later this month, or on DVD. You can find a link to the website below where you can purchase a copy or just check it out further. Enjoy.

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