David Olkarny – Feature

Haunting, beautiful, inventive, disturbing, humorous. These are just five of the adjectives that come to mind when trying to describe the photographic work of David Olkarny, who at a staggeringly young age of 23, has already developed a unique and instantly recognisable visual language. David is a longtime JAM favorite, having been the subject of a feature in the second issue, otherwise known as the ‘lost issue’, that never made it print although, those of you familiar with the previous website will have seen the online copy. Way back then (it wasn’t actually that long ago) David, who is based in Brussels, was still studying at university and we were blown away, as well as a little jealous. With a style rooted firmly in the crisp, highly polished aesthetics of editorial and fashion photography, he takes the genre to another level by approaching his image making with a highly creative flare. Enjoy.

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