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Nestling inconspicuously in a handful of only 10 stores in the U.K, COS’s revolutionary, fad-surviving fashion jewellery is exactly what it says on the tin: ‘Timeless, Modern, Tactile, and Functional’. COS solves fashion woes this festive season-that we didn’t even know we had- by fusing the easy to wear and practical with the on-trend and edgy.

The Swedish based brand has been established since 2007 and now has over 50 stores across the
globe. True to its roots of design and style over fashion, COS hand picks each of its retail units, opting
for spaces which mimic a gallery to fully showcase the artistic detail of their products; design is at the
forefront of their campaign before the stock has even been perused.

It’s often difficult to find affordable costume jewellery that isn’t lack lustre, doesn’t have a garish
gold hue, and has that unique ability to be transferred from season to season. COS has a jewellery
collection that does just this. Embedded in simplicity and longevity, here at JAM we are quickly
becoming one of the many COS aficionados who are recognising more and more the value, the
elegance, and the minimalist grace of their designs.

No frills and no fiddling; the brand has created a necklace which doesn’t even fasten. It’s Just a
tough piece of attractive looking metal. A built in curvature of the necklace allows it to sit on your
collarbone. Perfect for those late, boozy nights when taking jewellery off before bed seems an
intolerable task.

Unlike most high street costume jewellery on offer this Christmas season, you’d be forgiven for
thinking the Puzzle and Chainmail necklaces were the work of an esteemed fashion house, designed
by a legend and dipped in Gold. The crown jewel of high street fashion jewellery; COS reigns due to
its sheer lack of fuss.

I urge you to leave the snake rings to Kenneth Jay Lane and the arty cuffs to Yves Saint Laurent. This
Christmas, leave the simplicity to COS.

You can buy COS online, or in store at 10 locations in the U.K.


Words:  Hannah Symons


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