Solfest 2013 – Preview

When people talk about festivals and Cumbria in the same breath these days, it tends to be all about Kendal Calling. While KC is most definitely the big boy of England’s extreme North, it should not be forgotten that the area is also host to some absolute stonkers that have been having it large for many a moon; chief amongst these is Solfest. Although physically a fly-weight, this one packs a heavy-weight punch in terms of what it has been giving its punters for the past decade.

Run as a not-for-profit enterprise, entirely staffed by volunteers who do it solely for the love, this translates palpably into the atmosphere of the gathering, smiling faces and open, happy vibes abound in an environment that conspicuously lacks any vestiges of corporate sponsorship. A welcome and much needed respite from the larger, more commercial festivals most people are now accustomed to. Aside from a multitude of artists, healers and entertainers, Solfest has an array of smaller stages where you can hear some incredible music from people who probably wouldn’t get a look in elsewhere. We recommend the Dogs In Space tent, we wont say anymore than that, we just urge you to go!

Line-up wise, this year’s is shaping up nicely with Afro-Celt Soundsystem down to grace the Main stage, Pikey Beatz and The New Rope String Band (along with many others) on the books for the always amazing Drystone stage and perhaps most exitingly; Utah Saints, DJ Yoda and Eat Static shaking the Dance stage to its foundations. Here at JAM we are champing at the bit for this one and we hope you’ll do yourselves a favour and join us. See you in the fields!!!


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