Dirty Weekender 2013 – Preview

Anyone fancy a weekend festival ticket including camping for under thirty quid? Bullshit you say? Oh yea of little faith… the punks are fucking on it! Held in Wrexham, North Wales, this two day event is now in its ninth year and a joint effort between Ellfest, Righteous Anger Records and Manchester’s Pumpkin Records. As you might expect, The Dirty Weekend is D.I.Y. to the core, relying on a huge community effort to make it happen, making almost  no money and is done, first and foremost, for the love of it.

The venue has three stages including one devoted to acoustic acts, which will be graced by Captain Hotknives, a comedian and story teller who sings about racist polar bears and why you shouldn’t rip off your Gran on a weed deal. The other two stages are rocking a line-up that will keep the most discerning of the crusty masses swinging their dreadlock mullets. The main stage will be taken apart by the celtic Oi! of Oi Polloi and the disgusting Grindcore/Dbeat of Leeds’ The Afternoon Gentlemen, alongside, most excitingly, AOS3 who cut their anarcho-punk teeth on the free-festival circuit of the early 90’s. The Pumpkin Stage also offers some blinders, in the form of Hello Bastards who we guarantee will tear your face off, the solid hardcore of Defcon Zero and the mighty Citizen Fish, born out of Culture Shock and The Subhumans.

The camping is a twenty minute stumble from the venue at, bizarrely, the Bryn-y-Grog hall. As we’ve already said, this is included in the ticket price and you can drive your vehicle onto the campsite, so no trekking for supplies! Expect fast music, a D.I.Y. ethic (this means the weekend is YOUR responsibility as well) and a lot of Buckfast. If this sounds like your kind of scene, we highly recommend you beg, borrow or steal to get yourselves there. Bring it on!


Image: Benjamin Paul


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