Brighton based store, Saki Miu, combines genuine vintage with original, vintage-inspired pieces. Their blog states they are a ‘treasure chest packed with colourful individual women’s clothing, handbags and accessories’, and the two pieces JAM have their hands on certainly don’t disappoint; gorgeous originals that are simply beyond the high street.

The first, the Unicorn Pendant, is straight out of a fairy-tale, one for those who wished for a unicorn whilst blowing out their birthday candles. It doesn’t sit too high either, like many pendants I’ve seen on the high street and the chain is bronze plated, adding to its timeless feel. Their online store, stocked with a myriad of their pieces, seems to combine the current trends and the current consumer’s love of quirky prints, all with the implied authenticity of a bye-gone era. The chunky style of its necklaces hark back to memories of opening your grandmother’s jewellery box and being drowned in oversized gold plate and opal.

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The second piece we have is the Hotel Pendant. It is one of the most inventive, artistic pieces of jewellery I have ever seen, especially for under £5. While the glossy mags tell us about ‘affordable’ jewellery at a mere £50 (or alternatively you can always sell a kidney…), Saki Miu provide the most gorgeous items for true bargain prices. The quality of this necklace is so intricate, the painting so thick and bright; wearing the piece feels like donning an extravagant piece of South African art.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Brighton, you can find a link to Saki Miu below and here at JAM, we suggest that you check out this gem of a store for yourselves.

Article: Bryony Rae Taylor



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