Run by the ‘Rhubarb Bomb’ fanzine and a huge community effort, Long Division Festival bills itself as “a celebration of independence and D.I.Y. culture”, a description that to be honest, gets the JAM team half-chubbed with excitement. Everything that the corporate behemoths, masquerading as cultural events are not, Long Division makes a virtue out of its disadvantages and as they say; poverty breeds ingenuity. An amalgamation of up-and-coming local acts, as well as a smattering of big name headliners, this event is surely on course to put Wakefield, previously famous for a decent rugby league side and rhubarb cultivation, squarely on the musical map.

With their second wave of artists released only last week, the line-up is already looking very promising. The Fall and the ever incredible Ghostpoet are both booked to headline, with Mr. Nice himself, Howard Marks putting in an appearance. The smaller fonts are also packed with more talent than you can shake a stick at. There are already far too many to mention here but the JAM office has been buzzing about the inclusion of the stripped down, at times haunting, blues-rock of Leeds based Witch Hunt, the tear-your-face-off post-hardcore of the Blacklisters and arguably, the only band of the past half decade to reclaim rap-rock from the Blockbuster bargain bin of genres: the awesome Middleman.

Running from the 7th to the 9th of June across multiple venues in Wakefield city centre, a Saturday ticket, which is when most of the music is on, will cost you a mere £20, a snip of a price considering what you’re looking at. We here at JAM will be rocking this one for sure and we hope you’ll all do yourselves a favour and meet us on the dance floor.



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