Right then all you horrible crusty fuckers, listen up! The good people at Pumpkin Records, Ellfest and Righteous Anger Records have been seriously getting on it, to bring you one of, if not the best D.I.Y. line-up you will see all year. You may remember from our previous promo article that the Dirty Weekend bill already included the likes of Oi Polloi, Defcon Zero, AOS3, Citizen Fish and Hello Bastards among many others, which with a £28 price tag for a two day ticket and camping, really would be a piss-take to pass up on. Now though, with the full list of acts announced there is no, I repeat NO excuse not to get your arse down because it’s going to go off!

The acoustic stage has had more than a few blinders added to a set list headed up by Captain Hotknives; we at JAM are extremely excited to see Throw Rocks At Cops and Paper Town in particular. TRAC might look about twelve but their brand of unplugged Anarcho/Folk/Ska Punk sounds totally awesome, complete with conscious, angry lyrical content and a great stage presence, these guys are a must see. Paper Town are probably one of the most intriguing acts on the whole line-up, not just the acoustic stage. A five piece from northern Manchester, including double bass, accordian and banjo, these guys look like a lounge band (if squats had lounge bands) and sound a little like Mischief Brew crossed with The Levellers; definitely one to check out. Also, there appears to be a band called Crywank which, to be fair we’ve never heard but are going to check out based on the genius name alone.

The Pumpkin Stage have added Manchester scamps Holiday to their bill, playing ‘happy songs about unhappy things’, which basically means anarcho lyrics set to really catchy Pop/Skate Punk guitar hooks, ‘Missiles On The Roof’ is one of the best tracks we’ve heard all year and they’re sure to put on a good show. Bristol boys Atterkop are another banging addition, featuring members from One Shot (also on the Pumpkin Stage) and Private Gain, these guys mix tear-you-face-off Punk with dirty Dub to bring you big sounds that are sure to make you dance.

The main stage, headlined by Extreme Noise Terror on their only UK date this year, Oi Polloi ans AOS3, already looked incredible but now it just looks insane. Flat Back Four, with their Metal influenced Punk uproar and the D-Beat, Crust lunatics Vitriolic Response, a band guaranteed to leave you feeling violated in some way, have both been brought into the Dirty Weekend fold. The one we’re really champing at the bit for though is Nottingham Hardcore crew Endless Grinning Skulls. A sonic wall of rage, with every tune under three minutes or there abouts, these guys have a tendency to make you feel as though you cant breath and to be honest, we’re pretty interested to see what happens when they’re unleashed on this partisan crowd, tanked up on Buckfast and K Cider… bet on carnage.

If this information isn’t enough to make you consider, and then actually go through with, selling your Nan to get to this event, there is something congenitally wrong with you and you should have yourself checked. JAM will see you there, or we’ll want to know why!


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