Hodgepodge by name, hodgepodge by nature, the fourth round of this annual weekender features one of the most eclectic and well chosen line-ups we have ever seen; a serious feat when you take into account the ticketed capacity is just 250. Although minute by anyone’s standards, comprised of both an indoor and outdoor stage, stuffed to the gills with the cream of the UK’s underground and D.I.Y. talent, this event is sure to feel much larger than the sum of its parts. Believe us when we say, it’s going to be fucking banging. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, the venue is a CIDER PUB, set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside… Let the good times role!

The main arena is packed with top quality DJ’s, live dance acts and bands from all over the show, geographically and musically speaking, but with several Life4Land and Amen-Tal artists on the bill, basically, if you don’t like amen breaks, this ain’t the show for you kid. A few ones to watch, in our humble opinion here at JAM, are Ed Cox & Stivs, Smackjoint and The After Hours Quintet. The former is a heavyweight pairing of the monumentally unhinged originator of Clowncore (I shit you not. If you haven’t heard of Ed Cox, do yourself a favour and rectify the situation) and one of the most instantly recognisable and inventive producers on the UK scene. Expect bouncy, sophisticated yet savage Junglist rinse-outs and be sure to pack a pair of sensible shoes!

The Leeds based After Hours Quintet combine live Swing and Jazz musicianship with bass heavy Turtablism and some well picked samples, to create an instantly arresting and very danceable sound. These guys manage to balance the separate elements in their tunes so well, rather than coming off as a live band with a DJ thrown in, or vise versa, the electronic component becomes an instrument in it’s own right. Their version of Mr. Scruff’s ‘Get A Move On’ is a must hear.

Skacore seems to be back in a big way, not that it ever actually went anywhere, it’s just that festival line-ups seem to be favouring quite a few bands from the genre at the moment and Smackjoint are one of the best around. Their vocal arrangements and incorporation of aspects of other sounds, from Metal to Hip-Hop, often have them sounding like the southern version of Random Hand, which is most definitely a complement, yet their brass section is far more intricate. If these guys don’t have you on your feet and grinning your tits off, you’re not right and you should have yourself checked.

The outdoor acoustic stage also has a multitude of offerings including The Rooftops, a seven piece, all girl Acapella group, a guy by the name of Spasticolon, described as ‘John Cooper Clarke vs Animal from The Muppets’, which sounds like the best thing ever, and an open mic poetry slam; always worth a watch especially considering the probable state of some of the entrants.

If all this doesn’t peak your interest in the slightest, especially with a £35 price tag including camping, then get yourself to T In The Park or some other piece of shit, corporate behemoth because we don’t want your sort in the Shire. The JAM crew will be on the dancefloor as always and we hope to see you there.








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