Set in the beautiful meadows of the Rae Hills near Moffat in Dumfries & Galloway, Eden festival really can feel like a little slice of its namesake. With a fun, friendly and inclusive atmosphere that caters to everyone from families to the most feral of the hardcore ravers, this hidden gem is run along explicitly anti-corporate lines and as such lacks the ubiquitous advertising and £7 burgers of all the behemoths that masquerade as festivals. Spread across a range of arenas, stages and bars, the diversity of music and entertainment on offer is staggering and when combined with the spaciousness of the site and surrounding area, gives the impression of a much larger event.

This year is perhaps the finest line-up yet fielded by the Eden crew. With such an array of talent on offer it’s difficult to condense into this short preview however, a few one’s to watch are Slamboree, Caravan Palace and Mungo’s HiFi. The former band is our all-time festival favorite here at JAM; mixing incredible live musical talent with the filthiest of beats and dazzling performances, they tick all possible boxes. GO… AND… SEE… THEM! Caravan Palace are arguably the kings of the Electro Swing genre, combining it with Gypsy Jazz and playing a whole host of instruments live, including Double Bass and Violin, these Parisian troubadours have been wowing audiences all over Europe since 2007 and once seen are never forgotten. Mungo’s HiFi are one of the UK’s titans of UK Dub scene, in fact you’ve almost definitely heard the collaborations with Congo Natty or Soom T, and this year they are bringing their quite frankly ridiculous stack of speakers to the fields… your bones will rattle!

Running from the 7th to the 9th of June, just North of the border, with a very reasonable door tax of just £85 including camping, there really are very few reasons not to attend this banger of a weekend. We at JAM will see you in the mud!


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