The JAM team are pleased to announce the release of our pre-Glasto interview with the lovely Eric Rachmany from Rebelution. The four piece band, hailing from the US, are currently on their very first tour this side of the pond so we sent Callum Whiteley of Skewiff Productions to meet him. Playing a mix of Rock and Reggae, Rebelution have been making waves since the 2007 release of ‘Courage To Grow’, their second studio album. From the wistfully acoustic ‘Feeling Alright’, to the politically charged and Dubbed up ‘Change The System’, Rebelution have something to offer everyone, which makes it all the more surprising that they haven’t hauled arse over here sooner. Check out this video interview, featuring a live acoustic performance and footage from their Glastonbury show.

Video, Photo & Interview: Callum Whiteley


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