It’s that time of the summer again and those scamps from Mischief Festival have been taking their own brand of good, old-fashioned, dirty fun for a spin up North. After a successful Leeds warm-up party last year, the Fam, ever one’s to keep it fresh, chose big, bad Manchestaaaar as the host for 2013, and boy did it go off! At Antwerp Mansion, arguably South Manchester’s most exciting venue, and featuring a well chosen, quality bill of artists, the night not only had it musically speaking but also in terms of what Mischief Festival is known for; a great community atmosphere and really fucking good vibes… With a fancy dress theme like ‘Tropical Gangsta’, what do you expect?


Looking at the line-up, the main room’s read like that of a Manchester night circa 2005, with Dmjd Goodz, Hippykrit, Little Miss DJ and city stalwart Ken Evil rinsing it out proper. Huge, savage, Jungle beats were the order of the day, filling the dancefloor in the downstairs main room with grinning faces and flailing bodies; Hippykrit throwing just enough Hardcore into his set to keep everyone on their toes. Complemented by some awesome visuals courtesy of Jojo Wombl, the whole combination of DJ’s, VJ, the crowd and the rough and ready (though top quality) venue, really did capture what these proceedings were all about: FUN!!!


Electronic music was by no means the only entertainment on offer however, as true to form and their ethos of eclecticism and diversity, the Mansion’s upstairs room was kitted out to serve as an acoustic stage. With a variety of musicians, including local favourite, the keyboard toting Jezabellezza, who somehow mixes childlike innocence and sharp political commentary into the same tunes, as well as spoken word acts, the cafe-cum-chillout space provided a respite for weary legs and some great entertainment. The building seemed full of action for the whole event with the audience participating as much as the organisers, which is something quite special; there was even some impromptu breakdancing in the lobby!


If you like the sound of this then do yourself a favour and get down to the full Mischief Festival, at a beautiful West Sussex location between the 20th and 23rd of September. Although the full line-up is yet to be released, they’ve so far confirmed the likes of The Inner Terrestrials, The Fat Bastard Gangband, Hellfish and The Electric Swing Circus, so to say it’s looking good is somewhat of an understatement!

Words & Images: Benjamin Paul


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