Tuane Eggers – A Trace of Reality

Brazilian based photographer Tuane Eggers focusses his work simply and beautifully around the nature and people that surround him in Southern Brazil.

The phantasmagorical creation and appearance of his images displays the maturity and style of an accomplished and seasoned image maker coupled with an almost childlike gaze of awe and intrigue. At 23 years Eggers has achieved a captivating aesthetic beyond his years.

In a short bio Eggers states “I like the little magics that are in our lives. All the things that can be beautiful to our eyes and hearts. And the magic of photography is that each picture contains a trace of reality”.

Originally producing images using digital cameras in recent years Eggers has switched to analog, almost entirely 35mm and states that he is “loving this analog universe”.

Check out more of Eggers work at: http://cargocollective.com/tuaneeggers

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