“Behind each perilous leap, there is a purpose, an intention, an individual, an emotion” – Performers motto

Last night saw the opening performance of one of the greatest, most prestigious and longest serving shows on earth, as Cirque Du Soleil graced the banks of the Thames and we here at JAM were lucky enough to be part of the handful of press allowed in, for one night only. The O2 Arena served as a futuristic Big Top, on a scale grand enough to stage the final tour of the ‘Alegría’ show, which has been running for an impressive 19 years. Since Soleil’s founding in the mid-eighties by Guy Laliberté and artistic director Guy Caron, the company has lived by the maxim “I’d rather feed three artists than one elephant”; striving to create the most awe inspiring shows using only human performers, and though neither Laliberté or Caron are still involved, this ethos remains unswerving.

Described by Cirque du Soleil as “an operatic introspection of the struggle for power and the invigorating energy of youth”, Alegría fuses together circus, theatre, opera, ballet and gymnastics, performed by a myriad of characters, clad in a plethora of weird and wonderful costumes. All set to a custom designed lighting show and an original score that accompanies the artists every step of the way, the resulting display goes beyond the sum of its parts; an astounding and truly unforgettable experience. The title which translates simply as ‘joy’, could not be more applicable, judging by the faces of last night’s audience. From the youngest toddler to the oldest pensioner, the circus is a great leveler, irrespective of age, class or culture, everybody loves to be in awe of such a spectacle.

The show, currently on in London, will be touring the UK and playing at Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Nottingham and as we already said, this is your last chance to catch it, so we highly suggest that you do so. For ticket information you can visit the following link:

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Words & Images: Scott M Salt

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