Well… they’ve been keeping this one bloody quiet! After releasing an impressive bill of artists several months ago, including the Balkan influenced eclecticism of The Fat Bastard Gang Band, the caustic, high-energy Anarcho-Punk of the Inner Terrestrials and the brutal Hardcore of Hellfish, the Mischief Fam have, with only seven weeks to go, finally noised up all of us about the full extent of what’s on offer. Luckily, the wait has been worth it because, Jesus Christ on a bike, it’s going to go off!

One of the most exciting additions is Tech Itch, a savage Drum’N’Bass producer and DJ, his filthy basslines and dark, hard style beats are known to destroy the frontal lobes of anyone who dares get within earshot, rendering all motor functions, except for skanking, high stepping and generally shacking out, pretty much useless. It’s also a joy to see that professional mentalists, China Shop Bull, have been lured down from their northern lair and into the southlands. Although this Ska-Punk-With-Electronic-Bits outfit have been going for over seven years, they’ve lost none of their passion and if their show at last month’s Beatherder, which was heavy on drag, drummer-baiting and inflatable dingy crowdsurfing, is anything to go by , they’re crazier than ever! With tunes called ‘Brain In A Jar’ and ‘Serotonin Bomb’, they’re sure to tear the stage to shreds. Manchester’s very own multi-coloured, keyboard pixie Jezabellezza is also making the pilgrimage to Camp Mischief, mashing up child-like innocence and sharp political commentary into wicked three minute songs, Jez provides a far more chilled, yet just as captivating alternative to most of the rest of the line-up. Definitely one to go and see.

Held in a beautiful, yet undisclosed location in West Sussex, Mischief is fast becoming one of the most talked about small festivals on the UK circuit. Only in its third year, the quality of the line-up really does speak for itself but the crew have also worked hard to bring together a fantastic selection of walk about acts, stage performers and live art to the site. We at JAM can’t wait to get mischievous and we want all of your faces there with us in the fields.


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