Typo causes nationwide vomiting: ‘Thatcher sex tape revealed’

We are reporting this story as there are no links from larger media organisations due to a media blackout relating to thousands of people across the country and beyond who have suffered from swift and violent sickness due to the typo ‘Thatcher sex tape revealed’. The story actually relates to Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher and a rather raunchy video that has come to light. Its not her lawyers however who have silenced the media, its the current UK government. On the one hand you have got to give them some credit for stopping the reactionary illness from spreading further but at the same time ask serious questions about the level of control they seemingly have upon nation media agencies. Its difficult to say what has been issued as well, perhaps a super-injunction, for a dead person, about someone else?

The initial document, now under state control, is said to have originated in the US from an independent source. So either blame the initial author or blame the qwerty keyboard, many in homes across the nation tonight will be hollow inside and in need of much R&R.

In the wake of the incident Apple are offering complimentary services for any device affected.



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