Well… they’ve been keeping this one bloody quiet! After releasing an impressive bill of artists several months ago, including the Balkan influenced eclecticism of The Fat Bastard Gang Band, the caustic, high-energy Anarcho-Punk of the Inner Terrestrials and the brutal Hardcore of Hellfish, the Mischief Fam have, with only seven weeks to go, finally noised up all of us … Continue reading


Before regulation, before the awful Criminal Justice Act of 1994, before corporate sponsorship and sound limiters, there was the festival. If you cast your gaze back, across videos of Terry Reid playing the Glastonbury Fayre of 1971 or later, Spiral Tribe at Castlemorton in 1992, you get a sense of the freedom and creativity that … Continue reading


Far away from the too-cool-for-school atmosphere of Call Lane and the might-get-your-head-kicked-in-by-a-drunken-fool vibe of the city centre establishments, sandwiched between an industrial estate and a motorway in the grim South Leeds neighbourhood of Hunslet, lies arguably the city’s best club. Beaver Works is fashioned from a disused warehouse and although it lacks embellishment to the … Continue reading