Parklife 2013 was certainly the biggest, most colourful and most exciting yet. With the move from the inner city Platt Fields Park, to the out-of-town Heaton Park, a venue that has played to host to both Oasis and The Stone Roses in recent years, the extra space and lack of serious sound limitation saw an … Continue reading

Parklife 2013 – Preview

Manchester isn’t just Oasis, Joy Division and Bez off his tits on pills. It isn’t just parkas, drizzle and moody (sorry, ‘mardy’) bastards either. Of course anyone who has lived there, or at least dained to venture North of Stoke’ knows this already. Manchester is a party city and always has been but it packs … Continue reading


For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the last three months, Dub Phizix is one half of the Manchester based, production partnership (along with Skeptical) that gave birth to the tune ‘Marka’, back at the end of December. An instant YouTube sensation, garnering nearly a million hits to date, helped … Continue reading