To paraphrase one of Beans On Toast’s lyrics from ‘Death Of A Festival’, Slamboree’s huge summer track; there really does seem to be fifty different festivals every weekend. The main payoff for all our country’s S.A.D. inducing weather is that living in the UK, you are exposed to one of the most vibrant musical and … Continue reading


Previously known as Moorfest, just a few brief years into its new incarnation and Beacons has become not only a fully fledged festival but one of brilliant quality. Although comparatively a minnow, when set against some of the behemoths of the UK’s summer circuit, the organiser’s commitment to a solid arts roster, some extremely well … Continue reading


Occupying the space between the social utopia of a festival and the aesthetics of a dystopian future, between the debauchery and spontaneity of a freeparty and the measured creativity of an arts show; Boomtown fair is a singular and unforgettable experience. The purpose built but transient city, complete with swanky uptown districts and downtown ghettos, … Continue reading


Well… they’ve been keeping this one bloody quiet! After releasing an impressive bill of artists several months ago, including the Balkan influenced eclecticism of The Fat Bastard Gang Band, the caustic, high-energy Anarcho-Punk of the Inner Terrestrials and the brutal Hardcore of Hellfish, the Mischief Fam have, with only seven weeks to go, finally noised up all of us … Continue reading


With an inclusive atmosphere, a great line-up and a staunchly anti-corporate ethic, Solfest is the king of festivals in England’s extreme North, as well as being a rarity in today’s world, a passion project, done solely for the love. Now in its tenth year and still going from strength to strength, the gathering at a … Continue reading