To paraphrase one of Beans On Toast’s lyrics from ‘Death Of A Festival’, Slamboree’s huge summer track; there really does seem to be fifty different festivals every weekend. The main payoff for all our country’s S.A.D. inducing weather is that living in the UK, you are exposed to one of the most vibrant musical and … Continue reading


Well… they’ve been keeping this one bloody quiet! After releasing an impressive bill of artists several months ago, including the Balkan influenced eclecticism of The Fat Bastard Gang Band, the caustic, high-energy Anarcho-Punk of the Inner Terrestrials and the brutal Hardcore of Hellfish, the Mischief Fam have, with only seven weeks to go, finally noised up all of us … Continue reading


It’s back!!! That’s right kids, the Mischief Fam’ are returning to bring you round three of the naughtiest, cheekiest, most mischievous festival going. Still only in it’s third year, Mischief Festival is a mere zygote in the grand scheme of things yet, judging by the line-up released yesterday, that you were probably too hung over … Continue reading