Cast your minds back into the freezing depths of winter (OK, three weeks ago) and ask yourself: what was the one party in Leeds that made the nightmare months between Christmas and spring a bit less shit? If your answer isn’t Beaverfest then your opinion is wrong! Held at the increasingly popular/notorious Beaver Works in … Continue reading


To paraphrase one of Beans On Toast’s lyrics from ‘Death Of A Festival’, Slamboree’s huge summer track; there really does seem to be fifty different festivals every weekend. The main payoff for all our country’s S.A.D. inducing weather is that living in the UK, you are exposed to one of the most vibrant musical and … Continue reading


It’s that time of the summer again and those scamps from Mischief Festival have been taking their own brand of good, old-fashioned, dirty fun for a spin up North. After a successful Leeds warm-up party last year, the Fam, ever one’s to keep it fresh, chose big, bad Manchestaaaar as the host for 2013, and … Continue reading


With less than two weeks to go until the party starts, Beatherder have finally released full details regarding the second of their two, new-for-2013, arenas and my god, they’ve smashed it again! The ingeniously titled Maison D’etra, will essentially be the live-music counterpart to The Fortress, the new 60 foot long rave box. Aside from … Continue reading


Parklife 2013 was certainly the biggest, most colourful and most exciting yet. With the move from the inner city Platt Fields Park, to the out-of-town Heaton Park, a venue that has played to host to both Oasis and The Stone Roses in recent years, the extra space and lack of serious sound limitation saw an … Continue reading