Cast your minds back into the freezing depths of winter (OK, three weeks ago) and ask yourself: what was the one party in Leeds that made the nightmare months between Christmas and spring a bit less shit? If your answer isn’t Beaverfest then your opinion is wrong! Held at the increasingly popular/notorious Beaver Works in … Continue reading


Occupying the space between the social utopia of a festival and the aesthetics of a dystopian future, between the debauchery and spontaneity of a freeparty and the measured creativity of an arts show; Boomtown fair is a singular and unforgettable experience. The purpose built but transient city, complete with swanky uptown districts and downtown ghettos, … Continue reading


Far away from the too-cool-for-school atmosphere of Call Lane and the might-get-your-head-kicked-in-by-a-drunken-fool vibe of the city centre establishments, sandwiched between an industrial estate and a motorway in the grim South Leeds neighbourhood of Hunslet, lies arguably the city’s best club. Beaver Works is fashioned from a disused warehouse and although it lacks embellishment to the … Continue reading

Raise the Roof

Vox Warehouse was the venue last weekend for a take-over by the tin foil clad, fairy lit masses. The ‘Space’ themed ‘Raise the Roof’ festival, a biannual congregation of the maddest and fluffiest, can best be described as a psychedelic mix of great atmosphere and truly great music. Genres meet in unlikely but complementary marriages … Continue reading