Cast your minds back into the freezing depths of winter (OK, three weeks ago) and ask yourself: what was the one party in Leeds that made the nightmare months between Christmas and spring a bit less shit? If your answer isn’t Beaverfest then your opinion is wrong! Held at the increasingly popular/notorious Beaver Works in … Continue reading


“Behind each perilous leap, there is a purpose, an intention, an individual, an emotion” – Performers motto Last night saw the opening performance of one of the greatest, most prestigious and longest serving shows on earth, as Cirque Du Soleil graced the banks of the Thames and we here at JAM were lucky enough to … Continue reading

Tuane Eggers – A Trace of Reality

Brazilian based photographer Tuane Eggers focusses his work simply and beautifully around the nature and people that surround him in Southern Brazil. The phantasmagorical creation and appearance of his images displays the maturity and style of an accomplished and seasoned image maker coupled with an almost childlike gaze of awe and intrigue. At 23 years Eggers has … Continue reading


It’s not every day that a photographer who’s work is regularly published in the likes of NME magazine, calls you up and submits some work. It is, it must be said, even rarer that such work is a departure from the genre of photography that you would expect; but here we go. We at JAM … Continue reading

Veronica Nardulli

Having exhibited in Florentine galleries since her days as student, Veronica Nardulli tends to shoot with exhibition in mind although her subject matter is resolutely personal. A mixture of haunting interiors, self portraits and double exposures, containing the everyday object amidst which she finds herself, Nardulli’s photographic work is as intriguing as it is beautiful, combining … Continue reading