Cast your minds back into the freezing depths of winter (OK, three weeks ago) and ask yourself: what was the one party in Leeds that made the nightmare months between Christmas and spring a bit less shit? If your answer isn’t Beaverfest then your opinion is wrong! Held at the increasingly popular/notorious Beaver Works in … Continue reading


Before regulation, before the awful Criminal Justice Act of 1994, before corporate sponsorship and sound limiters, there was the festival. If you cast your gaze back, across videos of Terry Reid playing the Glastonbury Fayre of 1971 or later, Spiral Tribe at Castlemorton in 1992, you get a sense of the freedom and creativity that … Continue reading


Beatherder has, aside from a famously good vibe (and notoriously hedonistic) atmosphere, also one of the most promising line-ups of the whole UK festival circuit this summer. Featuring the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Groove Armada and Booka Shade in large fonts, as well as Slamboree, Random Hand and Clayton Blizzard in the smaller, this year’s … Continue reading


Set in the beautiful meadows of the Rae Hills near Moffat in Dumfries & Galloway, Eden festival really can feel like a little slice of its namesake. With a fun, friendly and inclusive atmosphere that caters to everyone from families to the most feral of the hardcore ravers, this hidden gem is run along explicitly … Continue reading


Far away from the too-cool-for-school atmosphere of Call Lane and the might-get-your-head-kicked-in-by-a-drunken-fool vibe of the city centre establishments, sandwiched between an industrial estate and a motorway in the grim South Leeds neighbourhood of Hunslet, lies arguably the city’s best club. Beaver Works is fashioned from a disused warehouse and although it lacks embellishment to the … Continue reading